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Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao's Personal Page 3
Great wave off Kanagawa
Great wave off Kanagawa
by Yoshinori Takao
575 pieces
A gift for a grandaughter. One of the 37 views of Mt. Fuji
Winter Bride
Winter Bride
by Yoshinori Takao
472 pieces
Gee. I'm his teacher and I can't figure out how to get on his gift list. *sigh* I wonder who he's going to give this one to.
Kabuki Actor
by Yoshinori (Grampa) Takao
36" x 36"
477 pieces
I'm speechless
Nobody is this good. Not even me (-:
Spirit of Kendo
"Spirit of Kendo"
by Yoshinori "Grampa" Takao
4th rendering.
Your solder lines are getting so thin they're going to disappear.(-:
Okinawa Dancer
Okinawa Dancer
by Yoshinori (Grampa) Takao
Something to pass the time. (-:
Dum dee dum dee dum. Just a little something....................
*sigh* Wonderful. (-:
(Love Letter)
25" x 16"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
Contemplating how to tell her soulmate that her heart is his.
Go ahead Grandpa, just yank my heart out. (-:
Eyes and mouth are fused.
Aka Fuji
"Aka Fuji"
(Red Mt. Fuji)
36" x 24"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
As much as I hate to admit it, the red waterglass (151S) is perfect. But why do I even bother doubting. (-:
Lover's Umbrella
"Lover's Umbrella"
50" x 27"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
Looks like Grandpa is back with a vengeance. More work seems to be the rule after each vacation trip. (-:
Japanese Doll
"Japanese Doll"
36" x 24"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
. Just a little ditty you knocked out today because you were bored because your next woodblock pattern wasn't ready. Sorry. We'll try to stay ahead of you in design prep next time.(-:
Danjuro II
"Danjuro II"
42" x 27"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
Another rendering of the famous Japanese Kabuki actor "Danjuro" with facial makup expressing anger. (-:
Travellers in the Rain
"Travellers in the Rain"
32" x 49"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
A continuation of the 53 stages of the Tokaido woodblock print series. (-:
(Country Kitchen)
38" x 36"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
A traditional Japanese home cooking room.
(Faces are fused) (-:
Hijime Castle
"Hijime Castle"
42" x 45"
byYoshinori Takao
921 pieces
Hijime Castle
Hijime Castle
"Grandpa says he's tired of doing bulky patterns and in the future is going to concentrate more on detail.
Bulky?? I don't think so. (-:
Hijime Castle
36" x 36"
by Yoshinori Takao
The first rendering of this panel was stolen. This one will be given to the granddaughter it was promised to. (-:
Kendo Tiger
"Kendo Tiger"
24" x 20"
By Yoshinori "Grandpa" Takao
A gift for a fellow Kendo fencing instructor and friend of more than 30 years. (-:
Sake Factory
"Sake Factory"
Part One
40" x 31"
1,164 Pieces
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
The first of two panels showing the process for making rice wine in a Japanese 16th Century Sake factory. (-:
Japanese Cutie
"Japanese Cutie"
24" x 21"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
Another gift for a granddaughter. (-:
Sake Factory
"Sake Factory"
Part Two
40" x 31"
984 Pieces
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
The second of two panels showing the process for making rice wine in a Japanese 16th Century Sake factory. (-:
To see a combination of the two panels together, click here.
Ni Ju Bashi
"Ni Ju Bashi "
Double Arched Bridge
48" x 30"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
"Continuing with his exploration of his Japanese heritage, Grandpa has finished, stone by stone, this lovely 1,767 piece rendering of the main bridge crossing the moat at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo."
Click here for a MUCH larger version. (-:
Traditional Farmer
"Traditional Farmer "
54" x 28"
by Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
Now I know why farmers work so hard. Wait till you see the picture of his wife. (-:
Geisha With Fan
"Geisha With Fan "
24" x 24"
By Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao
While waiting for his next pattern he needed something to keep him busy for a couple of days. I'd like to have the time to spend a couple of days like this. (-:
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