Nick's Grinder's Mate
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Nick's Grinder's Mate Features

Grinder's Mate Features
The top handle makes it easy to open the jaws for easy insertion of your piece of glass.

The entire tool can be used to hold medium and small pieces to make beveling the edges quick and easy when necessary.
  1. Frees fingers and wrist to do faster and more accurate projects by increasing the speed and accuracy of your grinding.
  2. Open space gives your hand more flexibility for a firm controlling grasp of the tool and your glass while allowing for finer and more accurate grinding.
  3. The secret's in the spring. It holds glass firmly, but not too hard.
  4. Wide base keeps the glass at right angles to the grinder head and allows Nick's Grinders Mate to slide evenly and easily across the surface of your grinder.
  5. Sturdy hinge works with a variety of glass thickness from 1/8" to 1/4" thick
  6. The rubber jaws grip the glass automatically and protect it from being damaged or scratched.
  7. Small plastic jaw separator (not shown) is used to keep jaws apart when NGM is not being used to prolong the life of the rubber jaw pads.
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